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Our Copyright Policy

GIRES encourages the use of the material on its website to inform and educate those who can improve the lives of people affected by atypical gender identity development. Although GIRES retains the copyright of all that material, anyone wishing to use it to inform and educate others may reproduce and distribute it subject to the following conditions:

1. Any piece used must be reproduced in full; no partial use may be made of any text or visual material except as permitted in 3 below.

2. At the head of any material reproduced, there must be a clear acknowledgement that the Gender Identity Research and Education Society (GIRES) is its source and the GIRES logo must be clearly and prominently displayed. If you need an electronic copy of the logo to fulfil this requirement, please apply to:

3. The foregoing is not intended to prevent authors from including quotations from the material on this site in their own work on condition that:

  • all such uses are fully attributed to GIRES
  • in each case GIRES is informed of this use.

From time to time, in respect of a specified piece of its work, GIRES may grant to a designated party an exclusive limited copyright. In that case, no other party may reproduce or distribute that piece. Currently the only piece on the GIRES website to which that restriction applies is the paper “Atypical Gender Development – A Review”, over which The Haworth Press Inc. has been granted limited copyright. The terms of that restriction are clearly stated in the preamble to the paper.